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Jumat, 23 Maret 2012

Make Great Speeches about Regions & Countries

By Sandra Carter

There are tons of speech ideas for students to make their speech about and if you are interested in different states, their history and what is happening in the world right now, then you must make your speech about Regions & Countries. For 10 000 speech topics from other categories go to

So first off you must look through this list of recommended subjects and see how they look like:

1. Current relations between China and Russia

2. The arms race in the Middle East

3. Compare the governments of 'tista and Castro in Cuba

4. The "Westernization" of China

5. American strategy in the south Pacific in WWII

6. What has happened to the Berlin Wall?

7. Can Venice be preserved?

8. Ancient Japanese Samurai

9. The Peace Corps nowadays

10. The Japanese art of paper folding (origami)

In the section of Regions & Nations you'll find subjects arranged by classes American Scene, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America, World Scene. Just choose a topic from an area that you have interest in and begin preparing your speech.

To make a good speech on one of those topics, try to make it as engaging as possible. Don't add things that are already known to your listeners. If you use unusual information that can even surprise your listeners, then your speech will be remembered by them better. Try to include some facts that will make your speech new and unique, so that your listeners will gain some new information from it and understand that your speech is valuable for them.

Topics in this section can be delivered in a fun and exciting way if you do everything right. When preparing your speech make an outline, don't jump from point to point because which will only confuse your audience. Just work around your subject and keep to the point.

Don't forget that in any speech confidence is the main key to success. So as to have confidence you have to to practice, so practice your speech out and be prepared! Good luck!

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