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Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Top 10 Demonstration Speeches & Some Advice on How to Make Your Speech Perfect

By Jeff Johnson

A demonstration speech, or "how to" speech can be compared to a conversation with a buddy where you explain something as straightforward as how to set the clock on a DVD player. The key part of a demonstration speech is to show or convey to any audience the way to perform a specific task. The topic you select should be straightforward and quite straightforward to show in front of an audience. Here are a few demonstration speech ideas and pointers that may help you with choosing a good subject.

First always keep in mind that most speeches are customised for a certain audience to promote an idea or sell a product. So you want to pick a topic that is timely and applicable to your audience. Like with any kind of speech, make sure you stay within your time limit and keep it engaging while not appearing rushed. Also, to make your speech notable and vibrant, be certain to introduce yourself and break the ice with a joke or fascinating tie-in as well as include attention-grabbing visuals.

The following top ten demonstration speeches are truly basic and would appeal to an audience of any sex, age, or demographic. If you are having trouble selecting which subject to pick, there are also many topic ideas available on the net at

Self-defense Methods

One of the top ten demonstration speeches involves showing quick and simple defense methods. All that is needed is a volunteer and a few simple to clarify self-protection moves.

Cooking or Food Preparation

A second top demonstration speech is cooking lessons for busy pros or mothers on a tight schedule. You might try something as simple as making a fruit salad or readying a BLT sandwich.


If you have the skills and experience, the subsequent 4 top demonstration speeches would work well for you. Preferred subjects like face painting, juggling, magic shows, or card tricks will keep the crowd entirely engaged while they like a real live show.

Product Demonstrations

If you turn on your television at any given time, you'll find tons of product infomercials, talk show hosts, and even news programs demonstrating anything from kitchen products and exercise hardware to the newest video game. Products are straightforward to demonstrate and you can easily include into a well-received speech.

Daily and Household Chores

Activities like planting flowers, fruit canning, or shoe polishing make great demonstration speeches because while they are common tasks, they are not easy for everyone.


Demonstrating technological widgets can simply captivate many audiences and keep them fully engaged. Some favored demonstration speech ideas regularly include technical subjects such as how to utilise your Internet browser (surf the web), text a message, or use your smartphone camera.

Ultimately, remember that it's important to deliver your speech with purpose while giving the audience more than they expected. If you're ready to smoothly transition from one point to the next while demonstrating, your speech will leave an enduring impression.

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